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Central Region

ACS Regions are collections of local sections working together to serve the membership. The Local Sections of the American Chemical Society that lie within the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, including 25 Local Sections, have joined together to sponsor technical meetings, to present awards and other forms of recognition, and to carry out other activities of interest and benefit to those members of the Society who live in these states. These Local Sections have incorporated in the District of Columbia as the Central Region of the American Chemical Society.

Central Region

The Central Region is comprised of 25 Local Sections.


Penn-Ohio Border


West Virginia

Central Ohio Valley
Kanawha Valley
Northern West Virginia


Steering Committee

What is the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee meets in person once per year to discuss the financial status of the Central Region, select future host cities for CERM, and manages the general course of the Central Region.

We know that local sections have turnover and changes in volunteers and responsibilities.  These changes can impact regional meetings.  The Steering Committee remains stable and can provide guidance to local sections.

Consider adding a line item to your local section budget for a delegate to attend CERM meetings and/or the Steering Committee luncheon each year.

View the 2017 Steering Committee Invitation Letter from Roger Parker.

Who Governs the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is comprised of the following:

Secretary/Treasurer (3 year term, term ends June 2020)
Current CERM Meeting Chair (CERM meeting to CERM meeting term)
Immediate Past CERM Meeting Chair (CERM meeting to CERM meeting term)
Chair-Elect of Next CERM Meeting (CERM meeting to CERM meeting term)


Top 5 Reasons to Attend Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee meetings are open to all, and delegates from all 25 local sections in the Central Region are encouraged to attend.

  1. Better prepare your section for hosting a regional meeting.
  2. Bid for your section to host future CERM meetings.
  3. Influence and make suggestions to the Central Region Board Members to benefit your local section.
  4. Meet other volunteers and get ideas.
  5. Free lunch!

Current Officers and Contact Information

Immediate Past Co-Chair
Dan McLoughlin

Immediate Past Co-Chair
Roger Parker

Mark Benvenuto

Jim Zubricky

Roger Parker

ACS Central Region Website Administrator
Heather Juzwa


Central Region ByLaws and Operating Procedures

Central Region Operating Rules and Procedures
Central Region Bylaws 5-24-04