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Historical Meetings

1st 1968 1968 Program / Website May 9-10 Akron Glenn H. Brown, Kent State Univ.
2nd 1970 1970 Program / Website September 4-5 Columbus Daryle H. Busch
3rd 1971 June 6-8 Cincinnati N/A
4th 1972 May 3-5 Pittsburgh – William Penn Hotel R.A. Friedel
US Bureau of Mines
5th 1973 May 13-15 Cleveland – Sheraton – Cleveland Hotel G.K. Meloy
Sohio Research
6th 1974 April 22-24 Detroit N/A
7th 1975 May 28-30 Northern West Virginia – West Virginia University William R. Moore
Elizabeth D. Swiger
8th 1976 May 19-21 Akron V.L. Folt
BF Goodrich Company
9th 1977 Oct. 12-14 Kanawha N/A
10th 1978 May 24-26 Joint CERM/GLRM Indiana – Butler University Robert T. Blickenstaff
Veterans Administration Hospital
11th 1979 May 7-9 Columbus – Holiday Inn Columbus Frank C. Croxton
12th 1980 Nov. 12-14 Pittsburgh – William Penn Hotel William A. Straub
US Steel Research
13th 1981 May 20-22 Joint CERM/GLRM – Dayton John J. Fortman
Wright State University
14th 1982 June 16-18 Midland – Northwood Institute Wendell L. Dilling
15th 1983 May 23-25 Cincinnati N/A
16th 1984 May 23-25 Joint CERM/GLRM – Western Michigan Lydia E.M. Hines
17th 1985 June 5-7 Akron – University of Akron John C. Crano
PPG Industries, Inc.
18th 1986 June 2-4 Toledo – Bowling Green State University Jimmie G. Edwards
University of Toledo
19th 1987 June 24-26 Columbus – The Ohio State University Alan G. Marshall
The Ohio State University
20th 1988 June 1-3 Northern West Virginia – West Virginia University Anthony Winston
West Virginia University
21st 1989 May 31-June 2 Joint CERM/GLRM Cleveland – John Carroll University James A. Walsh
John Carroll University
22nd 1990 June 6-8 Midland – Saginaw Valley State University Patricia Dreyfuss
Michigan Molecular Institute
23th 1991 May 29-31 Joint CERM/GLRM – Indiana University Place Conference Center J. Lee Bobbitt
Eli Lilly & Co.
24th 1992 May 27-29 Cincinnati – The Hyatt Regency Cincinnati Roger Parker
Marrion Merrel Dow, Inc.
25th 1993 October 4-6 Pittsburgh Robert E. Witkowski
Westinghouse R&D Center
26th 1994 June 1-3 Huron Valley Henry C. Griffin
University of Michigan
27th 1995 May 31-June 2 Akron James Visintainer
Goodyear Research
28th 1996 June 9-12 Dayton – Dayton Convention Center Sam P. Sinha
Scientific R&D
29th 1997 May 27-29 Midland Valley Plaza Resort Steven A. Snow
Dow Corning Corporation
Stephen W. Froelicher
Dow Chemical Company
30th 1998 May 27-29 Cleveland Renaissance Cleveland Hotel David W. Ewing
John Carroll University
31st 1999 June 21-23 Columbus – Ohio State University John M. Parson
The Ohio State University
32nd 2000 May 16-19 Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky Convention Center Ray D’Alonzo
Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
33rd 2001 June 11-13 Joint CERM/GLRM – Western Michigan Ammay Grand Plaza Hotel Rick McCabe
Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals-Western Michigan Section
34th 2002 June 26-29 Huron Valley – Eastern Michigan University Donald M. Snyder
Eastern Michigan University
35th 2004 October 19-22 Pittsburgh, Sheraton, Station Square Mildred Perry – USDOE/FETC
36th 2005 June 2-4 Indiana University, Place Conference Center David Malik, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
37th 2006 2006 Program / Website May 16-20 Midland, Bavarian Inn Lodge Frankenmuth Kurt F. Brandstadt
Dow Corning Corporation
38th 2007 May 20-23 Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky Convention Center Joseph Caruso
University of Cincinnati
39th 2008 2008 Program / Website June 10-14 Columbus, Hyatt Regency James A. Cowan
The Ohio State University
40th 2009 2009 Program / Website May 17-20 Cleveland, Renaissance Cleveland Hotel Daniel A. Scherson
Case Western Reserve University
41st 2010 June 16-18 Dayton, Dayton Convention Center Barry L. Farmer
Air Force Research Lab, AFRL/MLBP
42nd 2011 Program / Website June 8-10 Indiana, University Place Jeannie R. Phillips
Dow AgroSciences
43rd 2012 Program / Website June 6-9 Detroit, Henry Hotel Dearborn Mark Benvenuto
University of Detroit – Mercy
44th 2013 Program / Website May 15-18 Midland, Central Michigan University Phil Squattrito
Central Michigan University
45th 2014 Program October 29-November 1 Pittsburgh, Double Tree by Hilton Jay Auses, University of Pittsburgh
Heather Juzwa, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
46th 2015 Program May 27-30 Joint CERM/GLRM, Western Michigan
DeVos Place Convention Center
Lydia Hines (Great Lakes Region)
Neal Fox (Central Region)
47th 2016 Program / Website May 18-21 Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky Convention Center Daniel J. McLoughlin, Xavier University
Roger Parker, Xavier University
48th 2017 June 6-10 Detroit, Henry Hotel Mark Benvenuto, University of Detroit – Mercy
49th 2018 June 13-16 Toledo Seagate Convention Center Jim Zubricky, University of Toledo
50th 2019 June 4-7 Midland TBA